Thursday, April 1, 2010

No, it's "Leg of Lamb!"

Is it just me or are our kids light-years smarter than we are? I mean, they can send a text message, drive with their knees, pound a 24 oz. can of caffeine-laced energy drink and shuffle their iPod for a new tune all at the same time!

Our kids can hear us and have 100% comprehension with only one ear bud in..DUH-uh!

They can recognize poor CG (computer graphics) and thoughtfully critique a Tim Burton film (the only reason Helena Bonham Carter stars is because she's married to the director...DUH-uh!)

So, as I posted a running shopping list at home for a Sunday dinner, our Guardians of Pop Culture alerted me to an error.

"Dad, what's so funny about Roasted Potatoes, Mint Demiglace Sauce and Seasonal Veggies?"

"Whaddya mean?" I shot back.

"It says here, 'Laugh Out Loud' on your shopping list," noted my Keeper of Cool.


"Yeah, you have 'LOL' on top here, see?" Liam was pointing out improper use of 'texting' to me.

"Hey, Einstein, that stands for 'Leg of Lamb.' I countered.

"Uh, no Dad, 'LOL' stands for 'Laugh Out Loud, ' slowly drawled my son. "We use that abbreviation when we are 'texting' our friends," he continued, clawing the air for italics.

This makes him feel like he's helping me, a poor stupid parent in my Life's Journey; to understand these strange new technological advances.

God bless the children...

"I can show you notebooks from cooking school, twenty-odd years ago," I exclaimed, "that show 'LOL' was used as Leg of Lamb before the Internet was even invented! That's back when kids played in the yard, came home when the street lights turned on and rode their bikes everywhere!"
None of our bikes had multiple gears, brake levers or were even shiny after a couple of months; they were trashed because we rode them everyday!"

At this point, I was hitting a stride and puncturing the air with my 8 inch chef's knife for dramatic effect. Liam was pretending to feel threatened with a quivering lip and upturned eyebrows. I was rounding third and heading for home...

"that was before yogurt in a cup, Nike, GreenDay, LiveAid concerts, free dress at Catholic schools and bottled water was what Europeans drank because theirs was polluted.
When I see 'LOL', it doesn't make me laugh, it makes me drool!"

We looked at each other for an instant.

"Are you done?"
"When's dinner?"
"Five minutes. Call you brothers."

Easter LOL, Leg of Lamb:
1 Leg of lamb, boned and tied
1/2C Dried apricots
1/2C Dried Figs
4 sprigs Rosemary
8 cloves Garlic
to taste Kosher salt
to taste Black pepper, fresh cracked

Pre-heat oven to 325 for 15 minutes. While that is firing up, place lamb leg on a cookie sheet or half sheet pan. Open one end of the leg with your fingers and begin alternately stuffing the dried fruit and garlic. It's kind of squishy, but, the web of string holds the meat together. Once all fruit and garlic is in place, thread your rosemary sprigs through the length. When the leg is cooked, you can pull the entire sprigs out before carving. Coat the exterior with the Kosher salt and pepper to your liking. Place LOL in oven and cook till 130 internal temp is reached; about 90 minutes, depending on your oven. Let the roast rest 15 minutes before carving. If you don't have an inexpensive stick thermometer, grab one at your favorite supply store or hardware store.

Take care, a Blessed Easter to All and remember:

"Food, Faith, Family and Friends,
the Best Things in Life Aren't Things!"

chef bq.

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